‚ÄčThe Scott Historical and Genealogical Society (SHGS) was started several years ago in an effort to preserve the history of the city. It is through a combination of both local historical events and the lineage of local families that one gets a true understanding of how Scott started as a train stop and developed into a thriving city.

In April 2011 a meeting was held at The Coffee Depot with those that were interested in forming a historical and genealogical society. It was decided at this meeting to create the Scott Historical and Genealogical Society, with Pam Carr as President and Dennis Carr as Vice-President, Lynn Hargrave as Secretary, and Donald Hargrave as Treasure, One month later the first meeting was held. Since that time, the society has published a book through Arcadia Publishing about the early years of Scott, designed and sold an historic afghan, and assisted with the creation of the Scott Cultural District. They have received numerous donations of clothing, pictures and artifacts to help preserve the history of Scott and the local families. Several family genealogies were created for those families wanting to know their family history. Pictures, documents, and other items have been collected for a time that a Scott History Museum can be established. It is through these efforts, the Society continues.

The Society continues to aid in researching in a number of family and historical events in and around Scott.
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